Timo Grossman

I'm an interaction designer, based in NYC.
Right now I'm at Zappyride, where I'm focused on democratizing electric vehicles.

Senior designer at Infosys Digital. I'm a graduate of CCA where I received my Masters in Interaction Design. Previously, I attended RISD where I received my Bachelors in Industrial Design. Through a foundation of radical empathy for users, my process is lead by research. I'm a conceptual thinker with an eye for detail, seeking to bridge the gap between humans and technology.

Rhode Island Unemployment

Rhode Island's Unemployment portal was pushed harder than ever been before at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rhode Island's Department of Labor and Training approached us with the task of redesigning the portal from the bottom up in order to lighten the load on their call centers.

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Rethinking Health Insurance

Health insurance premiums increase at tremendous rates year over year, leading to employers desperate to cut costs. We created a platform to empower employers to control their employees' healthcare spending.

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BART Redesign

For this collaborative project with Ajay Jakumar, we sought to discover how we could create an interface that was easier to use for both new and experienced customers of BART. We created a prototype, tested, iterated, and tested again.

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Watson ER

The team for this project composed of a multi-talented group of Interaction Design graduate students. Our goal was to imagine what the emergency room of the future could look like by understanding the needs being left unmet today.

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Splitwise Rebrand

I chose to rebrand Splitwise, an app for splitting purchases between groups The branding was too corporate for the user base, and the interface lacked focus. I started with a moodboard, found the key pain points, and then developed my prototype.

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