Consumer EV Shopper

J.D. Power Zappyride

EV Shopper is a white-labeled solution helping consumers who are interested in buying an EV.


Electric vehicles bring a lot of new technology to consumer markets, and leave a lot of shoppers confused. How can we simplify this journey for EV shoppers?


EV Shopper is a suite of tools for created to give our our clients a researched solution to simplify the EV transition for new buyers. It takes into account a wide range of factors, including the initial purchase price, fuel costs, maintenance costs, potential government incentives or tax credits, and local EV chargers. It is used by our clients in the delivery, energy, vehicle manufacturing industries, and more.

Prototype 2

Consumer EV Shopper

The EV Shopper product by ZappyRide simplifies the electric vehicle purchasing process with a user-friendly platform offering tailored recommendations and comprehensive information. As the lead UX designer, I spearheaded user research, wireframing, and prototyping, ensuring the platform is intuitive and engaging. I led the design team to create a seamless user experience that empowers consumers to make informed and confident decisions about their next EV purchase.


To understand the needs and challenges of potential EV buyers, I conducted extensive user research through surveys, interviews, and usability testing, uncovering key insights into user behavior and preferences. Additionally, a thorough market analysis of the electric vehicle landscape and competitor platforms highlighted gaps and opportunities for the EV Shopper product. These combined findings informed the design process, ensuring the platform addresses real user needs and stands out in a competitive market.

Simplifying Complex New Information

During the design process, the team faced challenges such as ensuring ease of use for users with varying EV knowledge, and balancing large amounts of new information with an interface that is simple to understand. To overcome these, I led extensive usability testing, and iterative design as a response with testing to validate. These solutions enhanced the platform's usability and user satisfaction.


EV Shopper continues to innovate for consumers in the EV space, enabling our clients to broaden their reach to users. Converting the tool to Saas, and oarpurchase by J.D. Power has brought the product to more clients, even faster. A widget version of the tool has also been developed for in-context placement of incentive and cost information, a powerful implementation for OEM clients. As we continue to iterate and improve, we are able to update our clients tools, and continue to deliver on the cutting edge of EV experience though constant research, testing, and validation.