Fleet Electrification Analysis Tool

J.D. Power Zappyride

We know that electric vehicles are a more sustainable solution for the future of our planet. Reducing emissions is critical, so how can we accelerate the adoption of EVs at scale?


Fleets are an important untapped vehicle electrification target to reach climate sustainability across the world. They can provide significant savings in total costs to operators, who will need a clear and accurate cost savings analysis to influence their decision to electrify.


The product and design team at Zappyride worked to ensure the EV Fleets tool simplifies the electrification decision for fleet managers. Minimal inputs are used to provide clear, upfront total cost analysis outputs that compare fleet electrification scenarios.

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Fleet Electrification Analysis Tool

I joined the team at Zappyride as the EV Fleets product was in early stages. I first conducted user research to identify pain points and areas for improvement. By simplifying and enhancing the UX, I made the interface more intuitive with the goal of reducing drop-offs. My collaboration with the product and development teams was critical for bringing the product to numerous utilities and OEMs, aiding their clients in understanding the full scope of electrification. Additionally, I created a design system and process to reduce the time between deployments, which is crucial as EV Fleets is white-labeled for each client.


The EV Shopper product by ZappyRide simplifies the electric vehicle purchasing process with a user-friendly platform offering tailored recommendations and comprehensive information. As the lead UX designer, I spearheaded user research, wireframing, and prototyping, ensuring the platform is intuitive and engaging. I led the design team to create a seamless user experience that empowers consumers to make informed and confident decisions about their next EV purchase.


We transformed EV Fleets into a software as a service (SaaS) solution, enabling quicker deployments. Using the design system I created in close collaboration with the engineering team, we streamlined the development process. This setup allowed for simple client configuration, making white-labeled deployments ready in days rather than weeks or months.


EV Fleets continues to grow in popularity in the EV industry, as Zappyride's purchase by J.D. Power brings our tools to even more clients. The tool has been improved to include charger installation costs and considerations, a major hurdle in the space today. As the analysis provided by the tool becomes more advanced and accurate, it also grows in complexity that is similarly broken down and made clear for the user using UX principles and best practices by Zappyride's collaborative team. As a result, users have spent a total of 78,000 hours spent learning about EVs, with 10,000 Fleet buyers engaged across clients.Today, the tool is used by clients such as Brightdrop, GM, Isuzu, PG&E, SMUD, and many more.