Rethinking Insurance

Healthcare Companies

This project is a result of healthcare experts, designers, and developers working closely together and using an agile methodology.


With growing insurance costs, large employers are moving at an increasing rate towards creating their own healthcare networks, and replacing health insurance companies.


In response, we developed a platform for Health Insurance companies that can help their clients, employers, to reduce costs and increase member satisfaction through data analytics and ML.

Prototype 2

Rethinking Insurance

This project began from a meeting with Infosys healthcare industry experts and designers, to look into the changing market forces in the health insurance industry and find a scalable solution to sell to Infosys healthcare clients. I lead a small team of scrappy designers who, working closely with healthcare experts and developers, were able to put together and iterate on several prototypes in co-design sessions with stakeholders, resulting in a platform engaged with by multiple healthcare clients.


In order to uncover the customer requirements for this project, we interviewed industry stakeholders, Infosys employees and the Infosys benefits team. We also conducted dozens of co-design sessions, drawing out wireframes of potential interfaces while stakeholders dictated their needs.


We created several prototypes, and constantly tested them with stakeholders and users. We started in low fidelity, moved to mid-fi to test more advanced interactions, and then ultimately visually redesigned the platform from the bottom up for the high fidelity prototype. This is the final look we handed off to developers, who we worked with closely to ensure our design intention shone through.


The insurance management platform we developed helps employers to cater directly to their employees specific healthcare needs, instead of depending on overprices, bloated insurance policies that leave the majority of employees unhappy and underserved. With this health portal, businesses can ensure high quality care is delivered by directly managing their employees healthcare.